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Here at Agento, we aim to make products that are good for your skin while still caring for the environment.

I was late to the skincare game. When I arrived, I knew I was in trouble – all I found were complicated face scrubs with 138 ingredients, all of which sounded like they were poisoning both the environment and me. What the hell is sodium chloride anyway? Salt? Oh. Well that’s not too bad, I guess. Regardless, I struggle to read at the best of times, let alone examining a little bottle filled with supposedly all natural ingredients ending in ‘zyme’.

That’s why I went to my old man, a chemist, and asked him to help me develop a product that worked with a small number of ingredients. It had to be simple, it had to be pronounceable, and it had to be environmentally friendly. All I want is a face scrub that cleans my skin and leaves it feeling great once it’s washed off and doesn’t do any damage on the way down the drain.

Give Agento a crack. You’ll feel great after, both physically and morally, and its simplicity means you can start addressing those other problems in your life. How do you find a soulmate, anyway? Smooth skin ain’t a bad start.


Agento Deep Body + Face Scrub is formulated to remove the layers of dead skin, and then remove oil and grease leaving your skin smooth and clean.

All the ingredients of our scrubs are natural substances, no microbeads, no caustics, no artificial attractants or fragrances.


Has been used for millennia as an exfoliate and skin cleanser. Being a volcanic stone it is all natural. Pumice is created when super-heated, highly pressurized rock is violently ejected from a volcano. The unusual foamy configuration of pumice happens because of simultaneous rapid cooling and rapid depressurization. The depressurization creates bubbles by lowering the solubility of gases (including water and CO2) that are dissolved in the lava. Pumice gives Agento a great feel and colour when you rub it on your skin, you can feel it work its magic.

White Australian clay

For centuries, people from around the world have taken advantage of the natural cleansing and healing properties of clay. The clay is used to draw grease and dirt out of your skin and leaves it feeling soft, leaving your skin feeling as smooth as silk.

Sea Salt

Salt helps to cleanse pores deeply, balance oil production and thwart bacteria that can instigate breakouts and acne. Like pumice, salt is a gentle natural exfoliate that sloughs off dead skin. It also has minerals to soften skin and restore hydration.

Activated Carbon

Absorbs dirt and oil and deeply cleanses your skin. Because activated charcoal removes toxins, it can help reduce the instances of acne and other skin impurities you might suffer from. It also works wonders for completely removing makeup.

I am excited to share with you our product range that now includes a moisturiser (cream and oil varities), a dual-layered soap and a travel pack including both the scrub and our luxury oil.

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